Our Story

I am thrilled about your interest in Nanny McTea’s Sitters!

We are pleased to offer parents something extraordinary! 


I created Nanny McTea during my time with the family I worked for. Over the course of my time with them I was able to really teach them because of two very important things: 1 it was just us; me and them (1:2) 2. The children felt like they were playing!  I picked books, crafts, experiments, and games based on their likes and put an educational twist on them from alphabet recognition to counting and sorting to science. 

Not only do we want to teach your child/children we want to love them too! Working with us, we become a part of the family, a resource, an ally. We create a comfortable and loving environment where your child/children will be okay while mom/dad/guardian is away.

We believe three things:

  1. That the one on one connection between sitter and child allows for the maximum amount of learning to occur. 

  2. That when you make learning fun you aren’t only teaching knowledge to children we're teaching them how to love learning. 

  3.  In providing excellent childcare.   

We cannot wait to show your family all we have to offer!


Talea Chenault

Founder & CEO

Mariah Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

"Helping children develop throughout all stages of life with a community of support provided by professional caregivers."

The Team

All staff have been interviewed, received background check, and reference follow up.