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3 Homemade Popsicle Recipes

It' summertime!!! That means a lot of time outside in the hot sun. Well I have a fun DIY snack for you and your kids to get excited about summer, HOMEMADE POPSICLES! These are great for your kids because you can control the ingredients and its a fun family or nanny activity.

Morning Wake Me Up

Depending on the age of your kids there are a number of different recipe combinations you could create to make and give you kiddos for breakfast. For those that may need a little boost in the morning I recommend

Green Me Up

-green tea

-honey, dates, or sugar to sweeten


-lemon, or lime

If your looking to give your kiddos a nice serving of fruits and/or vegetable in the morning then i recommend making your favorite smoothie recipe and freezing into your popsicle mold. My favorite is

Strawberry/ Banana



-Spinach or Kale

-Honey, Dates, Sugar, Cinnamon, or Nutmeg to sweeten

-Milk(Regular or Vanilla Hemp is great!)

The most simple recipe is




-sugar, or honey to sweeten

In addition to making these recipes you can use the green tea and lemonade recipes into ice cube molds and use to flavor your drinks without watering them down.


You can almost go to any store and find a popsicle mold. If possible finding something with a little flex to it is better as it aids you during the releasing process of your popsicle. I have also used to ice cub trays to make popsicles, and toothpicks as the handle. After filling your ice cubes simply place a piece of foil over the tray and poke your toothpicks through!

I hope you enjoy making popsicles with your kids! What is your favorite popsicle recipe!


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