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3 Tips when introducing food to baby

Well, well, well it's time to start feeding food to baby. I know it seems like yesterday when they were just born. Are you ready, i'm sure you've asked your doctors 1,ooo,001 questions, read a number of books on the topic, I know there's no better way to go about it than to just experiment. Before moving forward we do have 3 tips we hope will aid you in your journey if you have not forgotten.

1. Where to start

Remember 9 times out 10 this babies first time having anything different than a bottle so give them time to adjust. This is great because this again means they know no better. So we suggest starting with vegetables FIRST! You know they'll love the fruit, it's nice and sweet. Also consider introducing a new food ever 3-5 days to make sure no allergies occur. If you're introducing veggies and fruit baby has most likely already tried oatmeal or cereal.

2. Time of Day

If baby is just beginning their food journey that means that some type of milk still makes up a large part of their diet. So when introducing food give them their bottle first think, of the food as their "snack" 2-4 Tablespoons is great in the beginning. Also give them food in the MORNING. Their tiny bellies are getting adjusted to what table food can do to your guts so anytime up until 12 is great. It gives them the rest of the day to poop and get it all out especially if it's unsettling to their tummies. It can be a terror dealing with these problems at night if food is given later in the evening,

3.Recipes/ Combos

This is the best part, you can get as creative as you want. There are a number of natural and/or organic baby food companies out there, but the only way you'll know exactly what is in your child's food is if you make it yourself. Honestly, it allows for a lot more possibilities than your local grocery store too! Again start with veggies, then fruits. Then you can begin mixing. Once their bellies are tolerant fruits in the am and veggies in the evening, fruits can still cause digestive issues even for adults so morning is still better. Don't forget to gradually give allergens 6 months is a good age to start. Lack of introducing allergenic foods may cause your child to develop them.

Some good combos include:

Banana & Strawberry

Spinach & Mango

Bell Pepper & Beets

Banana & Oatmeal/ Quinoa

Brussels & Oranges

Kale & Banana

Avocado & Apple

You can premake your babies food and store them in ice cube tray in the freezer, once they freeze you can transfer them to zip lock bags to store in the freezer. All you need is a little hot water and a bowl and your ready to go when it's time to feed baby, or you can take it out the night before or the morning of and allow it to melt naturally to room temperature.

* Remember to allow your baby to try each food individually before mixing it with other foods!

I hope our 3 tips will help you a your introduce food to your growing baby. Let us know some of your favorite combinations!



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