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Benefits of Reading

Reading is not only beneficial for children but adults as well. The more you read the more your brain develops and makes connections especially during those key times of development. This is true for both readers and those who are being read to. We all know reading can be fun and aid children in learning a number of skills both in life and education. However do we know...

1/3 American children start Kindergarten without skills needed to read.

2/3 Can't read proficiently at the end of third grade.

Now there are a number of reasons why this can be true some related to conditions, and other factors, however we cant forget the part we play in this as well. If a child is not encouraged to read or hasn't been read to until grade school, age 5 in most cases, when can not expect for them to adjust willingly, lol. As educators and role models we have to remember why it is so important to read to our children early. In addition to these 3 reasons why early reading is beneficial dont forget to children mirror/copy EVERYTHING! So have time where your kids see you reading too, whether a book, magazine anything, get in there with them too!

Bonding Time

Of course education development plays a large role in why reading is beneficial but we also can not forget the great bond it creates between child and parent, caregiver etc. It's a safe place for kids, that's calming and intimate. Depending on the atmosphere they get some snuggle time, a moment of serenity. Which is great is a time where children face very overstimulating days.

Communication and Cognitive Development

Reading to children early is great as it helps improve their ability to think and understand. Being able to relate what they are reading to what they see builds connections everyday. You've all seen even before babies can talk, understandably, they will pick up a book and "read" it aloud in their own language,lol. Think of the level of understanding it takes a kid to do that! Remember the more you read the larger your vocabulary!

Brain Stimulation

As we know our brains are still doing a large part of developing until our mid 20's. With that being said these first 5 years, birth - 5, are the most important part of anyone's development. These are the foundations that are built that you use to build upon for the rest of your life and development. Everyday your child has the ability to make new brain connections. Reading is going to either 1. Create new connections of understanding, or 2 strengthen or further develop connections that were already there. Without the stimulation for this to happen how will the connections be made. Also something to note PLEASE DO NOT think your children are necessarily learning from watching certain shows online until roughly 2 or so. Children are going to learn best through play, in person, hands on experiences, and REPETITION.

These are just a few great benefits of reading. What's your favorite books to read to your kiddos!?



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