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Caring For Multiples

Multiples?! What a joyous time! This could be twins, triplets, quads or even just having multiple children in your care at once. How do you handle it, what are the best ways to tackle their needs?! Well i’m here to give you my 4 tips.

The biggest thing is getting to know your infants. When you get a fresh set of multiple infants; my first thing I know I’ll have to do is get to know them. Their temperaments, cries, personalities etc. This won’t happen in the first day! Give it time! Your body and mind has to find the right rhythm that will flow with theirs! Knowing what each particular child prefers or dislikes or what makes them cry or get upset, can help you prevent problems. Knowing which kids sleep better how or where and with what objects; such as sound machines. Trying to figure out what bottle to use when a baby is breastfed and hardly use bottles at home, so you need to work with a bunch of new bottles to find the right one. Trust me! It gets easier! You learn their habits and caring for multiple babies comes naturally and you don’t feel the load being so heavy because you found your routine.

Another good tip would be to find out who has a shorter temperament. Who’d be the first to cry and get easily upset. Once you find that; I’d suggest they would be the first to get fed, change etc. Once you get a feel for that; I’d try to solve the problem before it gets escalated! You won’t be able to always cure the situation, but if you can get to the child before it happens or get to the child immediately after getting upset; the easier it is to calm the situation. The babies I’m with are very rarely around other babies; except when they are with me! For example; they are sensitive when the other babies do things. Such as; if one of my babies cry it sets off the other baby and now they both are crying. That’s what I mean by trying to defuse the situation before it gets too far. They eventually will get used to each other the more time that goes along! My girl has only been with us for about a month and is part time with me, so she is still adjusting to the sounds of the other babies!

Keeping them busy and entertained is always a big thing! Having 3 babies; I’m always moving them every 15-20 minutes, so they have exposure to different positions throughout the day. If they crawl; don’t have to move them as much; other than to put them in a bounce toy or sit them up. Always singing, talking, reading books and so forth! Multiple babies can be happy a lot of the day by just doing this.

My last tip,giving each baby enough attention! Having them sit on your lap, holding them and interacting with them! Also is completely okay that they have time to themselves to explore things without interaction from you. After giving them a little bit of alone time; get back to talking to them. Asking them about their home life, talking to them about their awesome personalities and have them interact with each other. Always playing off what the baby is doing and explaining to the other children what is happening.

Those are my biggest take always from dealing with multiples. Comparing this from when I first started taking care of multiple babies years ago until now…. WHAT a huge difference! Experience and practice makes a huge difference! This didn’t happen overnight, but took time! Not every baby is the same and it makes this job so much better!

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