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Favorite Playgrounds

With the #stayhome order extended throughout the month of May paired with some of this gorgeous weather, the kids are missing the playgrounds super hard right now. I want to take a minute to shout out some of my favorite playgrounds to take the kids too in no particular order.

1. Summit Park

This Park/playground is HUGE with activities for kids of all ages designed to encompass the beauty of nature. they have zip-lining, climbing jungle gyms, play-based creek, and much more! It has two separate playgrounds on different sides of the park.

2. Smale Park

A great park with great scenery as you overlook the Ohio River. This playground is stretched over I’d say almost half a mile with different activities as you walk along the trail. I prefer to take the older kids to this playground as some of the equipment is more advanced. including a rock climbing wall, rope bridge, giant floor piano, and more!

3. General Osborn

This a great park when you have kids of all ages, a little drive if you live in Ohio but worth it! They have equipment for every age, along with a huge soccer field, sand volleyball court, and even a baseball field. They have plenty of tables if you decide to bring lunch along.

4. Lunken Playfield

This playground is awesome for the younger kids as you are fenced in! With multiple different jungle gyms, you cannot go wrong. located right behind the Lunken airport a great to place to count planes!

5. West Fork

Hello, sunshine! That's how I feel when I pull up to this rainbow beauty, located off West Fork road this playground is covered in vibrant colors. It is fenced in and great for all ages! Enjoy the zip line, giant slide, or colorful maze. You cannot go wrong here.

6. Pleasant Ridge Playground

One of my all-time favorites. My kids' nicknamed this playground the castle park, cause that's what it looks like, a HUGE castle. Best for older toddlers and has a water park attached for those super hot days. Be careful here though as much as we love this park its was designed with all wood so we've gotten a few splinters here.

7. Alms Park - My school-age kids love this park! We could literally spend hours here. They have this awesome stone slide that is super fast, a rock climbing rock, and a spinny thing (as the kids call it) that gives you an amusement park feeling. The place is in the heart of Mt. Auburn and overlooks Lunken airport so another favorite for watching planes!

8. Chase/Fergus Playground

Located in Northside, this playground is great. Fenced in with equipment for all ages! The only downside is they don't have bathrooms -- so remember to go beforehand. Swing for days, slide down the twirly slide, or enjoy a friendly game of tag! Every time I visit this playground there are always plenty of children there ready to play!

9. Nature Play @ Devou Park

There is a special park located right behind the Behringer-Crawford Museum. This playground was designed to truly encompass the beauty of nature. We like to call this the pirate ship park because of the awesome boat and little houses built there.

10. Eden Park

This park located in Mt.Adams/Walnut hills is my favorite to take kids I have to keep strapped in the stroller. It stretches for miles. A great way to get a nice walk/workout along with beautiful scenery to admire and enjoy.

Parks and playgrounds are great because they are FREE (which is my favorite thing) they also encourage children's independence and creativity. Plus it's a great way to make new friends! Let us know your favorite park, we are always looking for new places to explore!


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