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What Type of Parent Are You- Looking at Traditional Parenting Styles

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

When looking at parenting and child rearing there are a number of styles, philosophies and theories you can use to mold how you parent. When looking at traditional parenting styles there are 4 different types: Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved.

Jut like with anything new you may come across, you should take the time to do your own studies on the topic. In this case I'm talking about PARENTING! For many you may be a first time parent, now by no means am I saying you can 100% prepare for everything, but having a good foundation on strategies and styles can help you better craft your parenting. It's better to have a starting place, opposed to winging it.

Now on to different parenting styles:

Authoritarian: Now this style can also be known as disciplinarian. Characteristically this style is known to be strict with many rules. One way communication from parent to child is common. Rules are be strictly followed, and parents are perceived to be less nurturing.

Authoritative: This style has similarities to AuthoriTARIAN. They both expect respect and rules to follow. Where they differ is the communication and how they view the parent child relationship. These parents have more respect for the child as an individual; so they favor a healthy balance between being assertive and allowing independence of the child. In action this may look like giving child options, allowing them to voice their opinion respectfully, being reasonable, and more nurturing.

Permissive: Also known as indulgent. This style is the opposite of authoritarian. Characteristically known to have little to no rules. Although communication is open like authoritative, they typically allow children to make decisions with little to no direction. These type of parents can be known to be warm, lenient, and allow children to self regulate.

Uninvolved: Just as it sounds this is a parent for lack of better words is neglectful. Typically there is no set in stone parenting or discipline style, parenting is seen as a free for all. These parents tend to let children fend for themselves or use electronics as a parenting and occupying tool. This is where you DO NOT want to be. There is a thin line between neglect and abuse so tread lightly.

Now the question we started this article with: What type of parent are you? There is no perfect answer here but in theory you want to use a healthy balance of all parenting styles. No child or situation will be the same, so you may need to change techniques mid tantrum but ALWAYS adjust. We can't forget this little beings are growing and learning everyday and we have to be able to adjust to their changes for the better. Your methods of parenting can be beneficial or detrimental to the future of your child so be mindful as you parent!



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