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My Love For Infant Care

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

After being in childcare for a number of years in many capacities; schools, daycares, family care etc I can say i have found the most joy and fulfillment in the nanny world; especially precious infants. Now don’t get me wrong I love children of all ages but it’s something about those babies with their tiny toes and baby babble that makes my heart melt. I’d love to share the highs and lows I experience with dealing with infants.

The main reason I hear people say they dislike working with infants is because of the crying. Yes, it definitely is there, but doesn’t last forever. That’s one of the ways they can communicate. Don’t get me wrong; it’s okay to walk away for a minute to regroup and come back refreshed! They need a sound and composed adult to help them through this. I’ve been with all kinds of babies that ranged from easy going to a hard temperament. I had one baby who cried for 6/7 months straight for a 9 hour work day. So many days in and out wonder when it would stop and when he would relax! He ate, slept and cried. Finally by 7 months the crying finally STOPPED! He was happy and such an outgoing/bubbly kid! Those were long months, but always thought about the impact I hopefully had on this kid during those months. Holding him, loving on him, protecting him and so on! To have him go the opposite direction after 7 months. Last year, when he was 3 years old and still happy as can be; he’d always ask me what I was doing? What’s that? Ms. B that and Ms. B that! One day he came up to me and yelled my name and I said what’s up buddy?! He looked me dead in the eye and said I LOVE YOU! What? Did I hear you right? How did this awesome child go from his infancy life of tears to saying I love you to me?! This is why I do what I do because of things like this! This kid NEEDED me! He needed love, kindness, support and everything in between when he cried for months on end and I wondered how I’d make it through it! And now at 3 years old he is telling me those 3 beautiful words! Well, I love you too man!

In addition to the crying which remember always passes; I also hear people say they don’t feel comfortable working with a baby because they can’t talk. They can’t tell you what’s wrong with them when they are crying or upset. Very true! They won’t develop a heavy set of language until they get get closer to one and even then it could be difficult if they have delayed speech and can’t understand them. That’s one thing that really hasn’t bothered me! Yes, they cry and it could be because their stomach hurts, but the process of being their guardian and protector is why I love being with infants and one year olds, and during this stage where their verbal communication is limited we have to remember their NONVERBAL is even that much more important. As an educator and parent this is where you have to put in just a little more work, and that’s the fun part! I’ve used Sign Language for many years now. I’m not fluent in it, but do know basic stuff and have taught that to my infants and older kids. Once they start picking it up; it’s SO AMAZING! They can communicate with me now! I’ve even gone to the length of having speech therapist in the same room to help develop the talking skills. No matter the timeline of when they can speak; I still enjoy the non verbal, sign language, and verbal children! Someone needs to be in their life, regardless of how many words they may have!

Now to my favorite things about being a nanny with babies, with those minor lows, there are even more amazing highs. that I experience in the baby care world. And by keeping these highs at the forefront of my mind I stay passionate about my profession, and grow to love it more everyday, even on the tough days. When a baby is happy smiling, and giggling…. it brightens my world! The innocence of an infant and all they have to learn opens something up in my soul! I love watching their personalities develop and grow from birth! Have you ever tried to be sad around an infant? Nearly impossible!

Getting attached is such a crazy feeling! You are with these kids day in and day out! You pour so much into them that I LOVE them! You can’t get enough of their cuteness! You really feel how attached you are to a kid(s) When the family moves on because child goes to school or whatever the case may be. They leave a legacy in you and will stick with you forever! Knowing what you did for them will be with them forever. Yes we as caretakers become attached but so do our kiddos, and that attachment is great! Sometimes your child’s caretaker is the first form of healthy attachment they learn outside of their immediate family. When they meet strangers, and they look to us for safety and comfort. Is it okay to talk to this person? Feels good knowing that the child needs me to help get through that! (Don’t want them scared, but knowing they need us.) I can comfort them and be there for them to get used to others!

Of all the things I’ve mentioned about my love for children and the profession there are 2 things that make me love my job the most. One being the silliness my job allows me to have, and the other is the positive influence that I am able to be for children.

I love Being silly with kids! I’m a completely different person around a kid then I am to an adult. I'm not the type of person to do role play and don’t like it, but when I’m with infants and older kids, I can feel crazy and not feel weird to do it with the kids! Their energy fuels that and I get so much more out of being silly with kids than adults! I love how innocent and silly kids can be! How they view and see the world! I always learn something from kids! Always to take a step back and enjoy the world instead of being stressed out all the time!

It’s an awesome feeling to be able to have positive influences on the family! All the love, support, guidance you put into them and when they bring it up through words, gifts, notes; you truly get to see how much you mean to the whole family! To be able to smile, hug, hold, play, and teach these kids holds so many great things to benefit everyone! Being with infants allows me to see everything I taught them and poured into them when they get older! Like I said earlier about the infant that cried and at 3 said he loved me! Because I was there for him and poured so much love into him; he grew into a boy with so much love too! What if I didn’t do that? If I didn’t give him the positive life he needed when he was with me? That completely affects development and these kids/infant need that!

I have so much passion for infants and one year olds, but also all kids! They bring out so much love in me and I love what I do! I don’t think there is another profession I could ever enjoy or be as fulfilling as my work in childcare!


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