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My Nanny Bag

If you’re like me the longer you’re in the childcare field the more supplies you accumulate. I know parents experience the same thing as their child gets older, and the family size increases. I alternate between 3 different bags depending on the length of my stay. As a nanny it’s important to bring your own supplies, especially for sitting positions when you may not know what type of items families may have.

Some items in my nanny bag include:

Construction Paper


Colored Pencils



Dry Erase Markers

Manuscript Paper

Coloring Books



Dry Erase Sheets



Paper Plates

I like to rotate the items in my bag so the kids feel like their exploring new items every month. With these basic items I can can create a number of crafts and activities to educate and inspire them. This list was a great start to my nanny bag and over time you’ll gather more. My favorite places to shop are Joseph Beth Booksellers, & Goodwill. Along with these supplies you can’t forget the games! They are a great way to teach strategy, sharing, colors, and a number of other skills!

Some of my favorites are;



Old Maid

Tic Tac Toe

With games like tic tac and matching i love to have the kid make their own that they can take with them. Also don’t forget basic essentials for outside play







These are just some of the items I may bring along with me. Of all these things the two most important things I can’t forget to bring along is a schedule and an attentive and caring attitude! No schedule is concrete but having a plan for the day not only benefits you but the children as well. No matter what you have always remember to educate and have fun!


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