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Nanny on the Go!

Where to go, what to do when you're a nanny on the go! I absolutely loveeee when I have a family that allows their child to travel. It opens the door for endless adventures that you and your kids can have. My favorites are parks, kids museums, playdates, aquarium, zoo, storytimes, I could on for forever lol. If you're new to an area or unsure of how to locate the best places read ahead to check out how I find the best hotspots.

Play Dates

These can be tricky if you aren't familiar with other children and families in the area. Typically playdates will already be established before joining a family. They're a great way to encourage your kid(s) to socialize and build connections with others. Encouraging your parents to check out local facebook groups to meet neighboring families can also be a help.


You would be surprised how many places offer storytime. Your typical places being local libraries, bookstores, and even apparel stores. In the Cincinnati area every Lane Public Library and Joseph Beth Booksellers has weekly storytime for various ages. I recommend calling around local libraries, and bookstores to get a good list so you can try out as many as possible, and then of course pick your favorites that you'll frequent.

Other Free Fun

In addition to storytimes you can also find morning yoga, crafts days, music/ dance class, and pre planned playdates at your local libraries,parks and establishments as well. Dont forget the best free fun is the PARK. With parks of all different themes, and purposes no 2 parks are going to be the same!

Fun For A Fee

Activities like museums, aquarium, and the zoo are just the start. There are indoor play lands, amusement parks, jump houses, golf, go carting, arcades, skyzone, and even water parks that can keep you and your kiddos occupied for hours!

Not So Obvious Outings

There are many ways you can have fun with your kids. In addition to having fun your outtings with your kids can be a great way to teach everyday skills and tools to help them in their everyday life. Store trips that involve them in the planning, shopping, and paying process gives them first hand experience and knowledge about what they see happening with mom/dad but allows you the teach them store etiquette and manners. The same could apply at eating at a restaurant, teaching them to order giving them independence. Of course all of this will depend on the age of your children.

I hope you found something new to add to your roster of outings you and your kiddos take and dont be afraid to tell us your favorite hot spots in the comments!



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