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Nanny, Sitter, Au Pair, Oh My!

There are many titles for childcare providers: nanny, sitter, house managers, au pairs, you name it! With different titles come different responsibilities and ultimately different pay.

Need help deciding which provider will help your family best? You must first know what kind of help your family needs. Are you looking for someone to run your errands and organize the house? Do you need someone to watch the children while you're on the clock? Are you needing some occasional help for mostly evening and weekends? Once you decide what help best fits your family you'll want to know the description of each provider. By definition a nanny is a person whom provides long term child care, typically this care is given within the children's family setting; a sitter is a person who looks after children, pets, or a house while the parents or owners are away; house manager is a person who helps a family, typically with more the household chores and management more so than with the children.

Pop Quiz! Can you match the letters and numbers correctly?

A. A person who provide occasional childcare services 1. Nanny

B. Having someone watch your children while your working 2. House Manager

C. A person who helps with household responsibilities 3. Nanny

While all providers can play a role in supervising and caring for children while parents are away, the pricing between them are just as different as the rolls. When looking to hire a full time or part time nanny you should be looking to pay a livable wage, being mindful that taxes will be coming out of your nannies pay, also that they are an adult who has to maintain their life as well. You should be prepared to offer guarantees hours, PTO (paid time off), and holiday pay. Most nannies charge between $15-25 an hour depending on number of children and experience. A sitter will likely charge you a little less depending on number of children, length of sit and age of caregiver, you can expect to pay between $10 - $15 an hour. While most sitters are usually high school or college students looking to make some extra money while in school, and, most nannies are career driven individuals all are childcare professionals and should be treated as such.


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