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Oh Crap! Potty Training- Myths and Misconceptions

Ugh oh potty training. dun dun dun! Every parents worst nightmare! but it doesn't have to be! There are so many ways to potty train out there and every child is going to respond differently to your techniques. As I am currently potty training one of my kiddos, I thought i'd head to my local bookstore for a good read, and I found the perfect read! Oh, Crap Potty Training Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right. By Jamie Glowacki. She calls herself the "Pied Piper of Poop lol, I thought that was hilarious! I absolutely loved this book, for a minute there I thought I wrote it. We shared a lot of the same views and techniques for potty training. You could say this blog is a book review/ topic highlight.

Some chapters include When to Start, Ditch the Diapers, Younger than Twenty Months, Older than 3 Years, and my favorite, Myths and Misconceptions. It's a great read for both new parents potty training and those looking for different techniques. Her book tackles every issue and topic related you can think of.

My favorite chapter Myths & Misconception first dives into a set of questions asking if you believe they are true or not.

1. It's best to wait until your child gives you signals

2. It's easier to train for pee first, then tackle the poop.

3. Boys are harder to train the girls.

4. You should put the potty chair out before you start training, so your child can get used to it.

I thought this was a great way to start the chapter, it's gets your gears going about what you've heard about potty training and breaks down why these beliefs can hinder the potty training experience.

As I mentioned before one of my nanny kids is potty training. Having a caregiver in the home does have its benefits when potty training, in my opinion. A few tips i've gathered through this experience is

1. Make sure you and the family are on the same page

We had a few false starts but after a little encouragement given to both child and parents we were ready to go. Know do they believe in the pull up or underwear method. This could be a great opportunity to teach them something new or for them to teach you something you didnt know.

2. explain, explain, explain

in my opinion the more a child knows and understands about the process the easier the training goes. It doesnt start with the toilet. Helping them understand when they are peeing or pooing as early as 1 can be helpful. They have to understand at least the basics of what is happening before you can try and instruct them on what they should be doing when that does happen. Even for my older kids potty training, showing them how the diaper line color changes when its wet, get them excited to make it stay dry.

3. know your kid

No one technique is going to work 100% mix a variety of methods and see what works best. My recent kid is 2 and has an older sibling. So she knows how the toilet works. We hit a brief snag in my opinion because she realized potty training is hard work and getting my diaper changed is far easier, understandably. With a little verbal encouragement, and a change of methods, by the end of the week she could keep herself dry during my entire work shift. Certain things worked, while others didnt but it's all trial and error, and don't get discouraged if it doesnt happen in the expected time frame. And my last tip.

4.Find a schedule!

Before you begin potty training watch your child. Take note of when they seem to use the bathroom. This is a great starting place. Once you begin potty training start by placing them on the toilet at those times, others do every hour, or even every half hour, depending on fluid intake. In the book she suggest clearing your social calendar to eliminate anxiety or pressures to both you and child.

Overall, potty training is a natural process that we all have had to learn or will have to learn. The better prepared you are with your methods and mental preparation the easier it will be. Know that when YOU fully decide to commit to potty training is when your child will learn, and that no time limit should be attached to this process. Be sure to check out OH, Crap Potty Training to help you! I found it to be a great read and resource!

Happy Potty Training,



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