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On the Road Again

On the Road Again!

Back again with another nanny list! Lists make my world go round. When dealing with kids you have to be prepared for literally any and everything imaginable. You have to be prepared for accidents, hangry toddlers, overdue naps, and spills to name a few. Not prepared opens the door to frustration and having to end your trip early to head home. That is why we have our 10 Top Nanny Must Haves When on The Go!

1.Change of clothes


3.First Aid Kit


5.Time Occupier -coloring book, cards, book, tic tac toe, toys etc



8.Weather Changers- Umberlla, Shades, Rainboots

9.Outside Fun Toys- balls, jump ropes, frisbee

10.Towels and Swimsuits

These general items are good to keep handy when on the go with your kids. You never know when your card might not work, how long you'll be out, or what unexpected detours you may want to take. By being prepared you can make your day less hectic and more fun!

Is there anything you think we forgot? Dont be afraid to tell us in the comments...



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