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The Transition From Center to Nanny

I've been in childcare for 7 plus years mainly working in childcare centers. Once upon a time I was unfamiliar with nannying and and how much it differed from the childcare setting. Now that i’ve been a nanny for a while i’ve had some time to reflect on the main differences between the two, and i’d love to share those with you!

Class Size

I have 3 infants and that’s it! I don’t have 8 infants or 16 one year olds or 20 three-six year olds. I have 3! What a huge difference! State says you can have those amounts and obviously it can be done, but is it 100 percent effective? What a relief to go from those high numbers to 3 kids! Truth be told; I rocked the state minimum numbers by myself! I’ve been complimented on having a strong back bone to do so, so that isn’t an issue, but going from that to a nanny has been a world of difference!

Individualized Care

I am able to give each of my infants Individual attention! I only have 2 a day, but 3 total because 2 out of 3 are part time! I’m able to comfort, hold, feed, talk to, put to sleep (etc) with the satisfaction that I feel like I can give 100 percent to them individually! They get every ounce of my attention and I can put all my effort into having them grow in the capacity they need to!

More Personal

I’m able to have a more personal relationship with the families. With being in their home, having all their personal numbers (which in childcare didn’t give these out, we used the company phone), having more time to talk and get into deep conversations and do much more! I wasn’t always able to do that at the childcare and was hard to do it with every family! It’s also easier to accommodate families personal wants/needs or if children have special schedules to follow, or need extra attention in areas. While in childcare we have 8 plus children and trying to remember everyone’s needs can be challenging and forgetful.

Behind the Scenes

In childcare centers I had so much paperwork, depending on age group, which would determine the amount of kids (8-24 kids), my pay was less, and they expected so much out of you for so little. People like me, go into children’s lives to build and create these awesome people, but sometimes the pay doesn’t come with the amount of work we do! As a nanny I’m getting the pay that goes along with what I do, as I deserve! It’s HARD WORK! Going through state/stars/nac regulations, wondering if you passed, if they liked what they saw in the class, how many stars you got and so forth! (Amount of stars said how good your center was) can be very stressful! Throughout the years; I wasn’t as nervous when I first started, but these things still go through one's mind.

Freedom of the Day to Day

I absolutely love that I am able to explore more; such as going to parks, walk to the store, going on walks outside etc. It’s such a relief to not have to be stuck inside the whole time or go to the buildings playground! I can actually take the kids somewhere and meet up with other nannies. I’m able to do far more with my kids. Its been pretty cool making our own purée food or regular food for the kids. Whereas in childcare, depending on your center, you couldn’t bring in outside food or have peanuts in the building, even if your child wasn’t allergic. That got frustrating that we couldn’t make things for the kids or have the kids help make things! It’s awesome that we can prepare some healthy choices for the kids and include them in the process! It’s also easier to get things done! If I need to make a call for a doctors appointment etc; I have more chances to fulfill these requests. The environment is relaxing enough like I said, that I can calmly do these things without feeling stressed because I need to get paperwork done and so forth.

Alone but Together

There are many ways you can nanny, all of which traditionally you work alone. I work with an agency, so I work alone but I also am apart of a team a nannies that work for other families! This is great. I have a strong work ethic. I highly take pride in that and I want others to definitely see that! I have coworkers, but we work alone instead of with the other nannies. My work is solely me and I can have a routine that’s just me. I work well with others but being able to work alone allows be in full control of my day to day. By being in the agency I get the perk of having a built in team and we can meet up for play dates, or share stories, advice, and activities among each other! Yes, I work alone, but if we are able, it’s awesome that we can meet up with our coworkers and have a relationship with them and their kids!

Environment/ Climate

Being a nanny is so much more relaxing than childcare! Like I said earlier, all that work I did, but for less pay. Now, I’m relaxed. I have things to do, but it’s in an environment that I can control solely on myself instead of what others do or how they react around me when I’m trying to get things done. It’s also different being in someone’s home versus a work building. It’s personal now! At their home we need to respect them and their lives. I’m here to teach, take care of and protect their children and that’s it. Mind my own business and keep these awesome infants going!

I love that this agency Acknowledges good work staff does! It feels good to be lifted up for the great things you do! Or when the parents lift you up for them as well! Or how many times they give you treats during the holidays. Taking care of their kids is what I LOVE to do, but definitely can be taxing! They feel as my own children and I pour everything into taking care of them and when the agency or family acknowledges it in whatever fashion; it makes the career 100 times better! They see what we do for these kids! I love how positive and rewarding this job is! We all have days where we feel down and low, but we pick it up and keep going! We lift each other up and take care of one another!

I am so happy with my transition from childcare to being a nanny. It allows me to have a more personal relationship with both my kids and their families, and being able to individualize my care with them makes me enjoy my profession even more! I hope I have shed a little light on the slight differences I’ve experienced between the two, and I’m oh so ready to add more years of childcare service to my belt!


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