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Welcoming 2020

It's the start of a New Year! This is the perfect time to regroup and get organized. Check out our list of 5 important To DOs at the start of the new year.

1 Performance Review

Although a performance review can be done at any time, I find that at the beginning of the year is the best time. This can look different for every nanny but usually these take place every 6 months to a year. This can be an formal or informal as needed. I find that sit down conversations are best as you cant misconstrue tone, or feelings unlike an email or text. Just make sure you give your family app warning in advance that you'd like this sit down.

2. Raise

Who doesn't like a raise?! It can be hard to find the right time to bring this up so to make it as stress free as possible the best time for me is right after the performance review. This makes the most sense as you've just discussed how you've been working on the job, pros, strengths etc. Without a clear plan as to when or how raises can be determined you can easily get into a tough place working for years without a raise.

3.Contract Adjustments

Again, you've discussed a performance review, and possible wage increase. I'd follow those conversations up with a discussion about the nanny contract. I'd revisit duties, traveling freedoms, kid(s) needs, etc That way going into the New Year everyone is on the same page and can start the year off on a better slate.

These last two items are more for you personally.

4.Curriculum Creation

The new year is the perfect time to re evaluate your Nanny kids educational needs and recreate or edit your daily plans . Don't forget to ask their parents are there any things they'd like to see included or focused on. Always make sure to add different and new activities/games as kids can get bored. Another thing I like to consider when academic planning is how that child learns; make sure you're appealing to their individual need.whether they're a visual, auditory etc learner.


Last but certainly not least, organize! What perfect time while you're enjoying your vacation (If you have one). Gather all things that are associated with your job and clean them out. Don't just wipe them, I like to let things soak. It's removes all the gunk that's been building up all year; lunch boxes, bookbags, old coats, scarves etc In addition to cleaning bags I use this time to restock my daily supplies; new paper, markers, craft supplies etc

And now you're officially ready for the New Year! Happy NANNYING!



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