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What Do You Do All Day?

What Do You Do All Day?

What do you do all day?? If i had a penny for every time someone asked me that, I think I could have retired a while ago, lol. I can say no two days are alike for me, but having some type of structure or plan for the day keeps me organized and busy, which makes the day FLYYY by!

I love being referred to as a a glorified baby sitter, full sarcasm disclosed. I and my fellow nannies look at ourselves as much more than that. You may cross paths with a nanny who holds or is obtaining a degree, is multi/tri lingual, a business owner or even trained in specializations. Do you know how important the first 5 years of a child's life is...this is when they are getting their foundation. Not just the foundation that their teachers build onto, but also those that they will carry into adulthood; manners, learning how to treat people, self- control, and of course everything down to walking, talking, and socializing. This goes for any childcare provider whether nanny, sitter, nursery school or pre-k teachers. It's a great honor for families to place their trust in you as a caregiver to raise and educate their child (ren), and with that honor comes an even greater responsibility. Now I say all this why?? Well with knowing that you play such a major role in the rearing of these kiddos your day should be jam packed with education, stimulation, and numerous ways for your kids to explore themselves and everything around them.

I can spend hours creating activities, games, projects, and worksheets that keep us learning and having fun for hours! If creating content isn't for you pinterest is my best friend. You can search themes, specific projects, items you have on hand, or anything your heart desires, and you'll get thousands of examples that you can try with your kids!

My roster of children has recently changed; so i've gone from one 15 month old boy to two little girls 2 and 4 years old, and an occasional sibling set ages 4 (b) and 8(g). My day has DRASTICALLY changed. As far as household work I do far less for my current family per their request like bathing, washing kids clothes etc. BUT i have had to readjust my typically schedule. My current children take less naps, being that they're older, and my group ranges in age so I have to make sure my crafts, and activities can be modified to accommodate each age level.

I arrive at roughly 8am, upon arrival my girls are usually finishing a morning show, after which I prepare breakfast, allowing them to help is a great way to add an activity to your day. After breakfast it's time to get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, and during school months occasionally packing breakfast, and getting it all done before 915! Depending on the day by this time i'd have 2-3 kids and weather permitting we'd be heading outside! If it's raining we'd get started with a morning free time. This is a great time for imagination play, games, dance parties, anything getting their mind and bodies active. Sometimes we do yoga in the morning, other times right before nap. By lunch time 12-1230 i've used their morning wearing them down to exhaustion. After lunch we may alternate between doing a craft/ activity or instructed education time. We take nap from 2-4 and wind them down with a story, yoga, or a quick show.

After our nap they get a snack and depending on the weather we may go outside or have another craft/activity or just play games until the end of the day!

Whewwww by the end everyone is exhausted! And you know you'll be doing it again tomorrow and spending the night crafting new ideas to bring back to them. Although it seems "easy" or "uneventful" this work takes a lot of planning, patience, and knowledge to give them what they deserve. It takes hard work and dedication!

So when people ask what do you do all day I can say I mold the minds of our future, and I like to think I do a pretty darn good job at it!

-Ms M


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