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You have just become a nanny, congrats! Are you ready for your first day? It can be a whirlwind of emotions and jitters when that time comes. Making sure you have the essentials for your day can make your days smooth and manageable. Read ahead and check out our 5 essentials to bring to work to make your day better!


One of the most important items you bring is your nanny bag, For every nanny this may look different, depending on the age of the children. Check out our nanny bag blog post to read about a starter kit of essentials for your bag. Aside from crafts, activities, make sure you are educating your children as well!


Watching kids you know they're always eating, or at least it seems they eat more than we do on a regular day. You never what type of eaters your family is or if they are comfortable with you eating their food, so a packed lunch is essential for your day. Depending on the hours i bring breakfast (sometimes used as late morning snack), lunch, and an afternoon snack. Don't forget your water bottle!


I like to bring a change of clothes, warm socks with grips, something to cover my arms, and a standard uniform. You never know the conditions of the house, so you'll want to be prepared for any temperature both inside and outside. It's best to have a standard uniform in place, just so you can keep your personal clothes separate. I work with a nanny agency so I usually wear one of our company shirts, and khaki, blue, or black bottoms.


During your day even with your kids you want to incorporate some kind of quiet time. especially if you're unable to take an actual break during your day. This time can be used for them to be alone with their thoughts and wind down from a busy day. Good times for you to take a moment for yourself "your break" is while your children are napping, eating, or watching a show. If you cant get this alone time you can color with your kids, or have them read silently. I like to read, color, or listen to music during this time.


Although this isn't a physical item, this is in my opinion the most important thing you can bring! For every family and set of children this will look different. Having a general schedule and idea of the flow of your day will make your world go round. Nothing is going to be concrete but always go into your day with a plan!

I hope our top 5 work essentials will help you as you prepare for your first day with your kids! What are must haves that you have to bring to a job?!


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